Vivian Jarrett

Vivian Jarrett, B Psych (hons), MAPS, MAICD.

Vivian Jarrett is a Brisbane Psychologist, passionate about providing high quality psychology services to Australians from all walks of life, and has been working in the mental health field for over a decade. She has provided consultant services to large organisations such as Beyondblue and the Mental Health Council of Australia, before moving into private practice in Brisbane in 2008.

Vivian was employed with Queensland Health during 2006 -2008 in The Park Centre for Mental Health, while working as a senior research assistant at Griffith University for Prof Kim Halford and Dr Jemima Petch on the Couplecare for Parents NHMRC project in Griffith University (Psychology).

During 2008-2011 Vivian was appointed as the project manager for a National Health Medical Research Centre trial that has led to working extensively with women in pregnancy, labour and birth. This has involved the training of midwives in counselling to treat postnatal depression . Vivian presented at an international conference in South Africa mid-2011 on her supervisory work with training midwives counselling for birth trauma.

To complement her supervisory roles, she completed the accredited supervisors course in Qld (STAP) in 2010 and provides supervision to psychotherapists from all health professions with a focus on interpersonal, narrative and trauma therapies. Vivian has commenced in a new role (2012) as an adjunct research fellow and associate investigator of an NHMRC project examining antenatal birth fear with her colleagues Fenwick et al. at Griffith University.

Vivian has a particular interest in relationships counselling, such as:

  • couples counselling: Couples needing support around decisions about the future of their relationship, enhancing intimacy, problem solving for unresolved conflict.
  • sex therapy: Discussions around the causes of sexual dysfunction, low desire, mutual satisfaction in the sexual relationship for all types of adult relationships.
  • physical and sexual trauma: Enhancing self-care and resilience, discussing the events that caused distress and emotional processing of negative emotions from the events.
  • major depression: interpersonal or cognitive strategies to overcome negative emotions and relationship issues causing depression.
  • pregnancy counselling: under Medicare women will have an additional 3 sessions (30 mins) bulk billed with an appropriate referral. Discussion of transition to parenthood and medical interventions during pre and postnatal care, models of birthing support and decisions regarding the pregnancy.
  • parenting support:  Parents need extra support for stressful times when relationships are strained, children are challenging, or when new parents face the transition to the new parenting role.
  • postnatal depression: Affects 16% of women during the first year after the birth, and most women have depression during pregnancy.  Anxiety plays a major role in the development of the infant’s emotional and the mother’s ability to endure the demands of parenting a newborn.
  • bipolar disorder: Interpersonal social rhythms therapy for management of the sleep, social and biological rhythms of life that are disrupted during episodes of bipolar. Those with executive careers, health professionals and women in pregnancy will find Vivian’s approach useful in this area of clinical treatment.

For more information on Vivian’s professional background, please visit her website.

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