FREE Relationship Check Up – Book Now!

free relationship check upMany of us have been to the local GP for our physical health check up, but what about a relationship check up?!

We have been listening to what you believe is important!  We offer this complimentary service to the public to help YOU –  many people are worried about the cost of relationship counselling, and how to find the right counsellor.

What is a Free Relationship Check Up?

While talking to the reception staff can be helpful, it is more appropriate that your initial conversation be in confidence with a senior psychologist or relationships counsellor, who can direct you to the “right” person in the Clinic, explain ways to gain rebates, access to psychiatry or medical services, and integration of counselling and other therapies or treatments.

The appointment starts with you completing questionnaires regarding your general and emotional health. The free relationship checkup is limited to one 30 minute face to face appointment, although it is best to allow an hour in total for your visit.

Following your free relationship check up, we will be able to provide you with an idea of how you are feeling compared to others, and whether your concerns may or may not need counselling. There is no fee and no obligation.

If counselling may be of benefit, then you will be provided with a range of options for types of therapies, clinicians and given an idea on the cost of your treatment and whether you would qualify for a rebate.

To book your free relationship check up, freecall 1800 877 924 today!