What is Family Therapy?

family therapyEver wondered about family therapy?

The fact is, even the most loving family can experience conflict and disagreements, life changes and upheavals. This is where seeing a relationship counsellor with experience in family therapy can help.

When is Family Therapy a good idea?

Common crisis points may include:

  • The adjustment from being a couple to becoming parents;
  • The adolescent years;
  • The empty nest – when children leave home to start their own lives.

But let’s not blame it all on the children!

Family therapy and couples counselling can also be useful to help with challenges such as:

  • Major changes such as jobs or relocation to a new area;
  • In-laws and extended family;
  • Juggling work / life balance;
  • Grief and loss;
  • Disability;
  • and serious illness.

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