Bored with your Relationship?

relationship boredomAfter the initial romance phase, most couples report that their relationship takes on a different dimension.

At first, it’s all about falling in love and all the excitement that brings. This stage is called ‘limerance’.

Research typically calls the next phase of love ‘companionate love’ in recognition that the flush of romance has often passed and the relationship has settled into a rhythm, where you each have established some patterns of interacting with each other.

It’s Okay to be Bored with your Relationship!

While all couples report this change, not all couples understand why the relationship has changed – and don’t realise that in fact, this is perfectly normal!

Some couples are very disappointed in the loss of romantic love, and feel that the relationship is no longer right for them.

Some people blame their partner for not being the person they initially were attracted to.

Other couples struggle on, feeling empty in their relationship but unsure of how they can help their relationship feel stronger and more intimate.

Outside Influences

There are also many factors that place stress on the couple relationship, such as having children and parenting, caring for parents, friends, careers, illness, and financial strain. How the couple copes with these life stressors can also impact the love they feel towards one another.

Relationship counselling can help enrich and enhance your relationship in the following ways:

  • by developing insight into the origin of problems and what keeps you ‘stuck’;
  • to identify your relationship values and goals;
  • to learn about what makes for a healthy lifelong relationship;
  • to learn and practice new healthy relationship skills;
  • to learn how to manage emotions helpfully;
  • and to increase positive relationship behaviours like intimacy and sex, caring and affection, mutual support, and couple outings and activities.

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